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UAVI CO., LLC is an American Holding founded in 2019 in San Antonio, Texas, USA, with the objective of bringing together a group of American and Mexican companies, mainly dedicated to the manufacture, import and export of screens and lighting. LED, also grouping import and export agencies in charge of the operation logistics of screen manufacturing companies, although it also provides logistics services to other clients, HOLDING brought together manufacturing companies and logistics companies, creating a perfect mechanism that guarantees the arrival of our products to the final destination with excellent efficiency and time to customers in all parts of the world as well as carrying other types of merchandise with total satisfaction of the final customer.

UAVI CORPORATE LLC HOLDING with offices in San Antonio, Texas, USA and Miami, Florida, USA and CDMX, Mexico. This corporate with presence in United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panamá, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay  and China is made up of the following companies Miamex Led Screen S.A. de C.V., Fortioux International Corporation S.A. de C.V., MonsteLED S.A. de C.V., in Mexico and Miami Led Screens.,LLC, Fortioux International Corporation., LLC and  MonsteLED., LLC in United States, ShenZhen UAVI CO., LTD  and ShenShen GOT., LTD in China.

At UAVI CO., LLC, all the coordination of LED screen and lighting manufacturing operations is carried out, as well as the entire transportation and supply chain through FORTIOUX, which has 2 divisions, one in Mexico and the other in the US, in charge of doing all the logistical development of the companies that are part of the HOLDING.

UAVI CO., LLC coordinates all the operations of Fortioux MX and the USA at a global level for the transportation of merchandise to all parts of the world, covering local logistics in many places, in Mexico, the US and China we run directly with said logistics, in the other countries where we have a presence we do so through our local correspondents

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